—– Leah Jay, Artist —–

Feel the Amphibian Love at Pacific Art League!

Three of the original artworks from the book “Amphibian Love” are on display in downtown Palo Alto. The Pacific Art League’s current show, “Fur, Feathers, & Fins” is a juried selection of some of the best local animal-themed art. The show remains open until March 30 – so catch it before it’s gone.

Leah Jay's Amphibian Love Illustrations at Pacific Art League

Top: “Ishikawa’s Frog” Left: “Spotted Salamander” Right: “Lanzai’s Alpine Salamanders”

What’s Amphibian Love? Well, it’s a big, colorful book with all the illustrations from my Amphibian Love series. Learn about a few frogs, newts, toads, and salamanders – even caecilians. Here you can see all of the art, watch a video, and even get one for your nature-lovin’ self or a friend for just $35 plus shipping.

Pacific Art League is a bright, light-filled gallery at 668 Ramona Street, right in the heart of downtown Palo Alto near plenty of restaurants and a parking garage.

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