—– Leah Jay, Artist —–

Yarn Painting: Mosswood

DEATH BY YARN. What a way to go.

I started this technique back in 2014 – gluing yarn onto canvas, one strand at a time, with white glue. “Mosswood” began as a sketch in November 2015. I was inspired by the Dartmoor area of Devon in Southeast UK, with its twisting old oaks and moss-covered boulders.


By February 2016, and I’m finally finished. I have some mixed feelings about this: big can be beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking (I’ve attended Art Silicon Valley/SF twice now, and love the super-sized art there) but small can be efficient and practical. How many hours are “too many” hours spent on one artwork? I’m not sure I know the exact answer – except that I might be getting close. My shoulders, back, and neck ache from stretching over this 3 x 3 foot canvas in various configurations….and yet, I’m happy to be finished, and proud of the result. The texture of the yarn adds a warmth and depth that I think you’ll like, and at this scale, it’s a real conversation piece! Photos aren’t 100% effective in conveying the feeling of it, but I added some detail shots below.



“Mosswood” 36 x 36 inches. A large yarn painting using acrylic yarn, acrylic paint, and white glue. $1550.

This painting as well as many others can be found at KALEID Gallery in downtown San Jose, California, on 4th street between City Hall and the MLK Library. Map

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