Kids Classes

Art Workshops for Kids!

One session each week, 5 weeks per workshop. Private one-on-one art instruction for kids ages 8-17.  Weekdays, after school (either 3:30 – 4:30, or 4:00 – 5:00 are typical times.)  *All workshops have a base cost of $300, however, some workshops may require extra art supplies.  Supply lists will be provided and parent/student can purchase them, or I can provide them with an extra charge.

Art Adventures I – Five fun, hands-on projects designed for the younger child. Introduces them to basic principles beyond just drawing with a pencil – and gets them excited about art!
Art Adventures II – (In development) Five more experiential learning opportunities for the younger student.
How to Draw Animals – Start with the “basic building blocks” and learn to construct animals from the inside out. Draw birds, rabbits, horses and more!
Introduction to Watercolor – Everything the student needs to know to get started on the right foot. Stretching watercolor paper, materials, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, how to control flows, glazes.
Projects in Watercolor (In development)
Drawing in 3D – Ever wish your drawing could “pop” off the page? Learn new ways to imagine and see objects in space to give the illusion of depth and form.
Designing Your Picture Right! (In development) – Thumbnails, composition, tips & tricks to making your image the very best it can be.
Human Figure I – 5 weeks of drawing the human figure. Heads, hands, feet (In development)
Human Figure II – (In development)


Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts: Earn the Drawing Badge! This is a 3 week workshop specifically built around teaching a group of girls drawing basics. Fulfills all Junior level drawing badge requirements. Introduces several key art skills and concepts: how to shade a gradient, perceive differences in value, draw a sphere in three dimensions, understand light source,  observe and portray “real life” objects, draw objects in single-point perspective, experiment in watercolor as well as charcoal and graphite, and finally how to crop, mat, and sign a finished work ready for displaying in a troop art show.  An average sized troop with no additional requirements can expect to pay ~$350 for three 1 hour sessions at your location which includes art supplies including a sketchbook for each girl to encourage further drawing, well after the badges have been awarded.  Please email me with any questions!

after just three sessions, the girls proudly displayed their work

after just three sessions, the girls proudly displayed their work



Established in 2010.

I’m a working, published artist and have been creating art for 25 years.  Because I have a daughter in school I became involved in the school’s volunteer art program, and have met other parents who have asked me if I’d teach.  Of course, I said “yes”…  Now, teaching is the best part of my week…I love it!


Student Gallery



from L. – student’s mom

“I sent my daughter and my son to Leah Jay’s class for more than one year. Both of them love her classes very  much!  They really learn a lot from her.

She is an excellent art teacher, providing a good structured art curriculum; very prepared lesson plans. She inspires kid’s imagination, encourages them to try new media, and supports them when they are afraid of making mistakes.”

from T.  – student’s dad

“My twelve year old daughter has been taking private art lessons with Leah Jay for the last seven months and she has been making very good progress. Leah started her with pencil sketches, then transitioned to mixing acrylics; first in monochrome and recently with color.

This was the first time for my daughter to take private art lessons. Although she had shown talent and interest in art for sometime, she was reluctant to work with a private teacher for fear that the teacher might force a style on her. All those concerns dissipated on the first lesson with Leah. On their first meeting, Leah and my daughter discussed what my daughter’s interest were and reviewed her earlier drawings. My daughter likes to draw horses, birds and other animals, so they started from there by improving on those drawings and focusing on individual details.

My daughter has one hour lesson per week. After each lesson, Leah emails us a detailed report of what they had accomplished that week and if there were any homework. Usually there is a light homework between lessons.

Overall, my daughter enjoys greatly the art lessons and working with Leah. We too are pleased with Leah’s teaching ability and professionalism and we highly recommend her as an art teacher to anyone who is interested in art and would like to improve their skills.”

from M.  – student’s mom

“My 15 year old daughter took art classes from Leah and loved them.  Leah is full of energy and worked with my daughter in the areas that interested her.  Leah’s experience and talent is amazing.  She truly enjoys art and it shows.  Leah was flexible and able to meet our scheduling needs.  I recommend Leah for anyone who is interested in doing art. “


If you’d like to know more, please comment below, email me at or call me at 408-476-8630.
I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what/how I teach and how I can help your child learn and grow through art.  You can also contact me to arrange a free introductory meeting at your home.

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  1. I have a girl scout troop of 4th graders. We would be interested in earning our drawing patch with your three sessions. My troop is 12 girls, can you do that?
    We meet at Graystone elementary on Friday’s from 3-4:15.

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