—– Leah Jay, Artist —–

Yarn Painting: Glow Cloud

Here’s a yarn painting I completed earlier this year.  The white and gray are yarn surrounded by silver ink on a deep coral acrylic background.  The concept and title were inspired by Welcome to Night Vale.


This piece will be at one show and one show only this holiday season – the Works Auction on December 12 in Downtown San Jose (on Market street next to the South wing of the Convention Center.)  Bidding will start well under its actual retail price, so this is a great opportunity to stretch your art-buying dollar.  All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit Works.  There will be lots of interesting art there to choose from, so you can’t lose.

all hail the mighty glow cloud

WORKS gallery
opening reception: 6pm to 10pm, first friday december 4
special exhibition hours: open every day, 2pm to 6pm, december 5 through 12
auction: saturday, december 12 with party starting at 6pm and auction at 7pm sharp!


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