—– Leah Jay, Artist —–

Yarn Painting: Tendrils

tendrils_650pxWide“Tendrils” 16 x 20 inches. Yarn, acrylic, and acrylic beads. $250.

Tendrils, a yarn painting by Leah Jay
This yarn art piece as well as many others can be found at KALEID Gallery in downtown San Jose, California, on 4th street between City Hall and the MLK Library. Map

Did you ever look up at a tall tree and wonder how the water and nutrients climbed all the way to the top?  Plants allow water to escape through their leaves, which assists the movement of water up from the roots and stem/trunk by creating a slight pressure gradient. Pretty neat huh? (graphic by “fyeahtrees” on tumblr)


Plants also breathe, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air.  I think about nature often, and how such magic goes on all around us, every day.

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