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Yarn Painting: Twilight


“Twilight” 8 x 10 inches. A small yarn painting using hand-dyed cotton yarn, acrylic, polymer clay and silver leaf. $85.  SOLD, thank you!

Other yarn paintings can be found at KALEID Gallery in downtown San Jose, California, on 4th street between City Hall and the MLK Library. Map

I baked polymer clay for the various star sizes and silver leafed them. Then, I glued them on the acrylic-painted background. The cotton yarn is gradient dyed in various colors from indigo through mineral gray, so when I glue it a strand at a time around the raised clay pieces it creates this radiating ripple effect. The yarn swirls overlap around the sides of the raised canvas.

From the FARCLOUD series.
The Story of Farcloud
When I passed through, I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for what was on the other side.

The sky was so beautiful, at first I just sat down and forgot everything for a while. There were stars as large and bright as planets, magnified by the atmosphere, which was colored in layers. Swirling clouds brought gentle rain, which gave way to skies full of light and color. Green and golden hills beckoned, framing faraway mountain ridges. Everything, everywhere, sparkled.

After some time I found that I was not alone. Repetitive sounds emerged from the mossy hills, and when I searched among the tiny ferns and mushrooms, I noticed some of the colored bits of fuzz were moving. I picked on up and heard a tiny, surprised “moop!” I listened carefully and realized that these friendly, plantlike animals were everywhere, softly calling and sliding slowly along the ground like starfish on the ocean floor.

Every day is a new set of discoveries as I continue to explore this new world through my art.

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