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Yarn Paintings: Iceland 1 & 2

Iceland_Both_650px_forWeb“Iceland 1” and “Iceland 2” 8 x 24 inches each. Yarn, acrylic, and broken glass. Can be hung either way vertically. $135 each + tax.

These two paintings as well as many others can be found at KALEID Gallery in downtown San Jose, California, on 4th street between City Hall and the MLK Library. Map

I’ve been inspired by images of Iceland for years, and I plan to visit someday.  Last year I applied for a summer artist residency in Iceland, and was rejected.  Never mind, I will keep applying….there are many residencies in Iceland and there is nothing like that landscape to see!


You see what I mean.  Pure blue waters, deep green pools, swirling waterfall mists….as well as rocky, icy slopes and the stark gray of bare stone.



In “Iceland I” I hoped to capture the feel of some of these things, as well as layers of lichen and moss in “Iceland II”.



Until I succeed in making the trip —  I’ll keep dreaming of Iceland!  Have any of you been there?

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    • I am not mad. Jealousy is quite different from anger 😀 Sure I’ll take whatever images you bring back!